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A result of most likely several months of hard work, ANIMALIA is the trebut (3rd) chipmusic release from your good friend Parallelis. Sporting a grab bag of styles ranging from funk to hard hitting electro to more hard hitting electro, this album has got something for everybody. Show it to your coworkers and classmates. Show it to your family. Show it to your 2 year old cousin. If you didn't like chipmusic, now you do.

Acceptable for ages 2 to Filing Cabinet

Alternate names for the tracks if you can't pronounce them (courtesy of Art Gibbons):

1. Fuck It
2. Birds Probably
3. Dinosaur Women
4. Rude Whales
5. Sabertooth Charcoal
6. Alligators
7. One Rhinoceros Monocle

But seriously, THANK YOU so much for listening, downloading, or buying this album. You are all the coolest people I know.


released February 18, 2013

Album Art by Saurier ( <---seriously, check this guy out, his designs are slick

Special Thanks to all my friends IRL or imaginary. Shouts outs to the ClipStream Crew, Chip = Win, DMG Control, the NoiChan Crew, uCollective, cm.o, my brother, my sister, my mom, my bros. Everybody on the planet earth and even in space (shouts out to the international space station). You all made this album possible through your encouragement and support.



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Parallelis Red Hook, New York

20 y.o.
upstate ny

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